S340 vs S340 Elite


The S340 elite is a newly released PC case from NZXT. It is the successor to the popular S340, the ever famous budget friendly case. In this refresh of the model, NZXT stuck with “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it ” motto. There aren’t many differences between S340 elite and the original S340.


The main difference between the S340 and S340 elite is now, instead of plastic, the S340 elite is now made out of metal and Tempered Glass


S340 elite



However, another major improvement in the new S340 elite it’s “the first VR ready PC case”. This is so because it contains the VR ports in the front of the case, for easier access while starting VR sessions.


This port includes an HDMI and 2 USB 3.0 port specifically for VR, and additional audio and USB ports. The S340 also includes a cube, which is magnetic, which makes it possible to hang your VR headset, or headphones into your PC.

So, is the new case worth it? Considering that the regular S340 is found in $60-$70 price range, and the elite is priced at $99.99, then it really depends on your budget and style.

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