ANS Spirit Week

ANS celebrated Spirit Week this week. The purpose of Spirit Week is to improve the school’s spirit and is full of lots of fun activities.

On Tuesday, students arrived to school wearing sporting clothing and at lunch, high school students played soccer against each other. On Wednesday, students dressed in their favorite college shirt and during lunch students played volleyball with water balloons against each other. On Thursday, students dressed as their favorite character or superhero, and at lunch students played dodge ball. On Friday, the last day of Spirit Week, students dressed in their class color shirt (see photo of the seniors dressed in their class color) and at lunch played a lot of activities that were on the soccer field and in the CAA. Activities were running, basketball, soccer, relay, math problems, hula hoop, and watermelon eating.

This year’s winner are the freshmen! Good luck next year!

Students have told me that they love Spirit Week!


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