Vine Shutting Down

As of October 27, 2016, Twitter is has announced the closure of the social app giant known as Vine. Vine has been one of the most used social media apps since Jan. 24, 2013, and the app shutting down has shocked millions of users. The main reason why Twitter is shutting Vine down is because they failed in the attempt of finding a new acquirer and also announced layoffs of nine percent of its work fvineorce. However, for now, the app will continue to work so that users are able to download and save everything they have uploaded.  

In recent days, Twitter has been focusing more on its Periscope product and live streaming rather than the short looping video service that is Vine, which is home now to a number of creators.  Twitter has also focused a lot on live TV, via partnerships to stream televised content with organizations like the NFL, Bloomberg and others. They are focusing more on these type of ideas than in what used to be the dominant in social media.

Vine wasn’t always in this situation, when it opened in 2013, Vine reached the number one of app in iTunes and at one point it reached 200 million active users, but it yet struggled to maintain this pattern.

It is really sad that a social media app like Vine, which put smiles on many faces and brought people together doing silly things in a loop of 6 seconds, is going to close down in the coming days. More news and updates will be announced in the following days to see what is going to happen with this huge social media app.

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