ZHU: Asian Cuisine – Restaurant Review

Zhu is an Asian Kitchen located in Managua, Nicaragua. More specifically, it’s located in Viejo Santo Domingo next to the Italian restaurant Italianissimo.

This restaurant is a casual dining atmosphere that lets you taste authentic Chiscreen-shot-2016-11-10-at-9-29-43-amnese food and Asian cuisine. There’s a huge variety on the menu, all the way from sushi rolls to Chinese meat or sweet and sour chicken.

My favorite dish to order is the Avocado roll. The sushi roll is made out of shrimp, cream cheese and topped with a thin slice of avocado.

This restaurant is truly great if you are in seek of good sushi rolls and other Asian plates.

In Nicaragua, there aren’t many Asian restaurants and if there are any, I can guarantee you they aren’t this great. I would rate the restaurant a 5/5 stars. There is a good environment, music, customer services and most importantly great food!

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