What Will The U.S Look Like Under Trump’s Rule?

America under Trump’s rule could cause a very controversial change that could impact the lives of many. Due to many of his actions that have insulted most, in the first five years under Trump’s rule America may not have many allies. He doesn’t have much political experience which means he might not be taken seriou1e1716e0-trump-4x3sly by the public. He may not have many allies that will help him pass new laws. No one wants to help a country that is under an inexperienced ruler.

Trump will most likely try to gain the country’s confidence by doing remarkable things that will give him a great reputation with his people. In the first five years of his presidency he will discard the nuclear treaty with Iran.  In the next ten years, Trump will start working on deporting the illegal immigrants he wants out. This  process could take up to 20 years or more. Muslims at this point would be banned since that is one of the first things on Trump’s list. In the next 20 years Donald Trump will probably own most of the big business of the United States of America. He will support indirectly Mideast terrorists for his own benefit.

The wall with Mexico will probably never happen. Mexico is supposed to pay for the wall and they won’t. They still have their dignity and know it’s completely off limits to pay for a wall that is against their favor.

By this point, the image of the U.S. would probably be not as great since it will lose its reputation with other countries. Trump might not be the best candidate to improve the country’s image in the next few years.

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