Teacup Pigs

Teacup pigs are super cute, tiny pigs. In fact, they are really intelligent and friendly animals. However, most people buy them thinking that they will stay small and they won’t get big, but actually when they are fully grown, even little pigs can weigh 40 to 50 pounds at the low end, to 100 pounds or more at the high end. Sadly, some owners have surrendered their pigs to animal rescues because they were not prepared to have such a big animal in their home.

Here is a story of a couple that bought a teacup pig: Steve Jenkins and Derek Walter adopted a three-pound (1.4-kilogram) “mini-pig” named Esther. Or so they thought. Within two years Esther wasn’t so mini. In fact, she weighed 500 pounds (227 kilograms). “We didn’t want to believe it,” says Jenkins, “but at four months it became painfully obvious she would be larger than we thought. She grew about three-fourths of a pound a day. And she’s still growing now.” This has happened to a lot of people, so if you are thinking of buying a teacup pig think first before buying it, because you may end up selling it or going to an animal rescue center.


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