Cafe Pendiente in Nicaragua!

images-21-800x435Cafe Pendiente is a worldwide initiative where clients pay for a drink or meal in advance. After paying this, clients are given a ticket that is used to give to a person in need so that this person can pick up their drink or meal that was bought in advance.

This month, three ANS students: Alejandra Garcia, Desiree Briceño, and Amy Urroz decided to bring this initiative to Nicaragua. The Nicaraguan bakery Don Pan accepted to be part of Cafe Pendiente and members are currently looking for other coffee shops and bakeries that are interested in affiliating with this initiative in Nicaragua.

Cafe Pendiente Nicaragua invites everyone to be part of this great way of helping those who are homeless in the streets and are struggling to find food daily.

Help make a change. Help those who need it the most. If you know of an establishment that might be interested in joining, please email [email protected], [email protected], [email protected]


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