Diriomo Field Trip

On October 18th, my class, the 9th graders went to a field trip to Diriomo.  Diriomo is a municipally in Granada and is known as the village of the witches.The idea of this trip was meeting a curandero because of the book we read in quarter one which is Bless me, Ultima. We also got the chance to visit the church, casa de la cajetas and visit to el mirador de Diriomo.  

First, we got into the bus and left the school by 7:30 am and headed to Diriomo. When we got there, we went to Golden Pizza, where the tourist guide made a presentation for us. We got to learn about the customs and the population during the time when the Spaniards were in Nicaragua. Then, we got the chance to ask questions to the curandero and know more about a curandero’s role in the community.

Second, we went to the church, the Diriomo church, Santuario Nuestra Señora de Candelaria. This church has la puerta santa which is when you are sorry for your sins and you pass through the door and the marks your sins left on your soul are healed. The church was beautiful and had a wooden roof. There are many statues such as Saint Peter, Moses, Native Tribes, and more.

Third, we went to La Casa de las Cajetas and saw how they make cajetas and they even let us try some of them. They don’t only make cajetas, they also make rosquillas. It was really interesting to see the materials they use to make the cajetas. We also saw some of the process they do and how they pack the cajetas and rosquillas. Some ingredients they use are papaya, milk, coconut, coffee, and other fruits. Something I saw was that the majority of the students bought cajetas instead of rosquillas. This might have been because Diriomo is famous because of the cajetas.

Last, we went to El Mirador de Diriomo, which was my favorite part of the trip because it was a very unique and beautiful place. El Mirador had a lot of nature and you could see the lagoon, which was very fascinating. The view was incredible and it is a place in Nicaragua that I had never been before. This place has many points of view and it’s incredible to think that a volcano made this body of water. 

In conclusion, on the field trip to Diriomo I learned that curanderos are honored, and some people call them witches. The 9th graders learned a lot about the three places we went to visit and about Diriomo. We all hope to have more field trips throughout the year because we like having field trips and learning about our community.



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