Celebrating the Day of the Girl at ANS

October 11 was officially declared as the International Day of the Girl by the United Nations. The purpose of this was to promote gender equality and help girls around the world reach their maximum potential. “She’s the First”, a club with the mission of helping girls have the same opportunities of excelling in life as boys, decided to celebrate this day for the first time at ANS with the help of the club “Impact”. The purpose was to raise awareness of the issues currently occurring in our country related to gender inequality.

A panel was created with two important speakers, Johana Chavez and Francisco Olivas who are specialists in the field of gender equity and part of Plan International in Nicaragua. Two sessions of 45 minutes each were held in the Ossi Room for a small group of students to participate and learn about the challenges in Nicaragua, and how to amend our current situation.

Different reasons about why girls are less likely to go to school and how students from ANS can make a difference were discussed. One way to make a change is to spread the news among our friends through social media and raise awareness.

Students were also encouraged to wear pink or blue shirts with jeans to promote awareness for this significant day.
Followed by the enriching panel of discussion “She’s the First” sold their popular tie-dye cupcakes to generate profit to help less privileged girls in Nicaragua prosper.


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