Presidential Debate


Presidential Debate – Sunday, October 9, 2016

Was it a debate or a circus run down? The candid U.S. Presidential debate this past Sunday night was something that many people looked forward to watching; however many ended up finding themselves in a morose personal discussion rather than an orderly fashioned debate.

To summarize the debate: Trump never spoke about his misdemeanors towards women, instead he averted the topic by talking about defeating ISIS. Donald Trump brought everything closer to home and personal, yet his performance was shameless and at the same time unprofessional. However, Hillary Clinton, the Democrat nominee gave concrete solutions to topics; she did not miss a question and mastered the ‘Town Hall City Debate Style’. Hillary was the victor of the debate; Trump missed something important during this session of heated discussion…Bill Clinton is not the president.

What do you think about this debate? Was it really a debate? Do you think it was fair for Donald Trump to personally attack Clinton instead of focusing on the issues?

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