Independence day Celebration at ANS

195 years ago on September 15th, Nicaragua finally obtained independence after battling and fighting for many years. Recognizing Nicaragua’s independence is celebrated annually at the American Nicaraguan School. This year it was held on September 13th. ANS students from high school and middle school joined together with staff members and parents to show their love for this beautiful country.

The 12th graders celebrated their last high school Independence Day the best way possible, dancing the traditional Nicaraguan dances and showing their amazing spirit. Representing 11th grade were a group of four students dancing to El Güegüense with colorful traditional clothes.  Our sophomores taught the audience about the history of Nicaragua in a very creative way, through a discussion. The freshmen joined together to recite a poem that was filled with emotions and expressed patriotism. Also, a group of 6th graders performed a folkloric dance that delighted the entire audience.

The celebration continued as students and teachers joined at the food court to eat Nicaraguan foods provided by the school clubs as a fundraiser for their specific causes. Some of the delicious foods were, caballo bayo sold by Operation Smile, and home made rosquillas made by a woman who was the first of her family to receive an education and sold by She’s the First.

This was a wonderful celebration for the ANS community to experience in honor of such a special date.screen-shot-2016-10-12-at-1-14-40-pm

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