Do People Trust The Media When It Comes To Voting?


In a recent article by Student News Daily, people’s feelings were reveal regarding voting. Most voters believe that the media play favorites when it comes to checking what the candidates say.

This year’s election in the United States has been a true example of this. Research was conducted and showed that only 29% of voters in the U.S. trust the media checking and counting of votes. Also there are 62% of voters who certainly believe that the media helps the candidates they support.

For example, with Trump and Clinton, there is an 88% of voters who support Trump that believe that the media changes the votes. But there are 59% of Clinton’s supporters who do trust the media.

People believe that the media will support Clinton more than Trump in this election, which is why they don’t trust them. Voters overall believe that the media is only interested in creating disputes and disagreements when it comes to presidential races.

People are convinced that the media will favorite Clinton and not  Trump, which makes them doubtful of those who check the votes online.


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