Gildan Glow Run

Last Sunday, October 1st at Galerias Santo Domingo, there was a race benefiting children who have cancer. Money collected from the race went to CONANCA, an organization that helps children with cancer who can not afford their treatments.

For people who wanted to go, they paid $16 dollars and they received a kit, that contained a bag, a water bottle and a t-shirt. Before, the race started, there was music and dancers who helped participants stretch. Each time someone completed a kilometer, workers provided water or Gatorade.

The night race of 5 kilometers was completely successful. Six thousand people went to the race. Both athletes and fans raised two and a half million cordobas.

Amalia Frech, the president of Conanca, said that she was very proud and grateful for all the people who went to the race. She said that they were supporting a program that has more than 1,800 kids with cancer.
I went to the race, and let me tell you that it was awesome to see how many people were there. Everybody supporting and participating to help children with cancer. Hope to see you next year!

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