The New SAT Purposes and Ideas

As many of us know, a new SAT test has been introduced by the College Board. The SAT is a test accepted by U.S. colleges and the College Board has programs that help students take the next step towards higher education. The SAT mostly helps students build skills over time because it provides consistent feedback across many exams which reflects student progress throughout the high school year.
Thanks to Khan Academy’s partnership with College Board, students are able to practice in areas that they struggle in. Through Kahn, students have access to many videos and lessons and receive personalized SAT study resources based on how well they did on their test.
Connecting students to scholarship opportunities something that the SAT does since it uses PSAT scores to identify candidates and link them to the many scholarships offered.. Helps schools identify students likely to succeed in many of their AP courses and AP exams. High schoolers who take this test will face a very different exam. Seven reasons why the SAT is changing are: free test prep, no penalty for wrong answers, revamped essay, evidence focus reading, no more obscure vocabulary, more graphs and charts, and more great texts.

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