Fiesta de Poesía Modernista

Since the start of the fourth quarter, students from 11th grade have been working on several assignments studying the different authors of the Modernism movement. Modernism is a movement started in Latin America created and developed between the years 1880 – 1920. This movement broke the standards and introduced new ways of writing poems.

The major representative of the movement is Ruben Dario, born here in Nicaragua. He is often called the father of el Modernismo. He wrote several poems and books like: Azul, Prosas Profanas, etc… However, we also studied about 11 more authors of the same movement who introduced new ways of writing poetry in Latin America such as the Japanese poem style: Haiku; or the French influenced verse: Alejandrino.

To conclude this assignment, Ms. Sonia Davila, our 11th grade Spanish teacher, created an event where teachers as well as students would recite poetry from these authors. Students invited faculty to their designated class period to recite two poems, one from Rubén Darío and one from the author the students assigned to the teacher. Alsol, the students bought food that represented where the authors had traveled throughout their lives. Some food included sushi, manchego cheese, tres leches and empanadas.  Throughout the last two weeks before finals, teachers and the ANS community have been visiting Ms. Davila’s class, celebrating with food and poetry.
Students believe that this sort of project unites them as a class. Not only did the students contribute to these activities but the administration too. This event ended up on a good note with people commenting that it was well-organized and that they enjoyed being invited.

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