Tales of a Fresh Senior

Senioritis (noun): disease that causes decreased motivation toward studies displayed by students who are close to finishing their high school careers.

We’re Seniors. All we do is party and have fun. No school, no work, no responsibilities. At least, that’s what we thought.

Up until the end of the fourth quarter, none of us had thought about the consequences of our worry-free lives as seniors.

College applications, SATs, test grades, all those things we didn’t take seriously can affect our academic futures.

I think that most of my classmates, including myself, have just now realized how important it is to take responsibility during this last semester of high school. None of us want to fail, we all want to succeed, and I think we legitimately thought that these last few moments wouldn’t impair our futures in any way.

I think we’ve just realized that the senior year isn’t just partying and fun. Actual work is involved. I would like to warn rising upperclassmen to take school seriously.

I sincerely hope more of my classmates realize how important these last weeks actually are, and I hope it isn’t too late for any of them.

I love the Class of 2016, and I wish each and every one of my classmates success.

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