Planting Lives

Massiel Flores and Andres Galvis, 11th grade

In a joint effort to save our planet, two ANS Community clubs, GIN and Teleton, travelled to Volcan Mombacho to plant trees. The mission of the trip was to “plant lives”, in other words, to provide Nicaragua with more trees be help clean our air and to encourage the promotion of reforestation.

Members of both clubs sold trees for C$30 each in order to raise awareness and all proceeds went to helping “Los Pipitos” in its Ciudad Sandino location.

On Saturday May 14, a group of about 25 students from high school and middle school went to Volcan Mombacho to plant about 1,000 trees. These students received a tremendous amount of help from Cafe las Flores, specifically their tour agency Mombotours, and from the employees of the facilities of Volcan Mombacho who guided and aided the students in many ways.

Guillermo Maltes, an 11th grader and one of the coordinators of the trip said: “It was a great way to raise awareness for two amazing causes. We are helping the environment, just as much as we are helping the people of Los Pipitos.”

Also, Gabriella Lanzas, an 11th grade student and leader said: “I loved the way in which everyone worked together to reach the goal of planting about 1,000 trees. In addition, being able to contribute to two amazing causes warms my heart and motivates me to keep on working on making the world a better place”.

This event provided the students with a unique moment to give back to the community and interact with the employees of Volcan Mombacho as students and employees worked jointly for about four hours to plant around 1,000 tees.

This reforestation campaign by Teleton, GIN, and the Volcán Mombacho administration is very inspiring as it also promotes the wellbeing of wildlife in Nicaragua.  We look forward to more campaigns like this!

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