The Key to People’s Minds

Screen Shot 2016-05-09 at 12.58.41 PMYou may think communicating with someone can only be done through talking or writing, but that’s not the case at all. Body language is also a form of communication, in an indirect way.  A person’s movements and actions, no matter how small, can indicate something; it can reveal hidden feelings or thoughts. Basically, body language is like a key to a person’s mind, so here we’ll introduce several simple gestures people do to unintentionally showcase their thoughts.

Usually the first thing anyone notices when they look at a face is the eyes. The most obvious action everyone already knows of is the wide-eyed look: the look that indicates surprise and shock. In addition to that, evasive or downcast eyes may suggest that one is feeling shameful or uncomfortable; in some cases it might mean a person is lying.

Another recognizable look is the ‘looking-around’ appearance, meaning a person is not watching you and is instead staring at other things, such as their cellphones; this likely implies boredom.

Arm and hand gestures are also a big part of body language, as they are widely used during communication. Tapping or drumming your fingers onto a surface is an indicator of restlessness; such gestures can often be seen when people are taking tests or are in a hurry.

Also, contrary to common belief, crossing one’s arms does not really indicate anger; it’s actually an action of self-defense. People who cross their arms might be unwilling to talk about something, or they might just be uncomfortable with the conversation topic. What actually indicates anger is the action of rolling up your hands into a fist. This is an indicator of frustration and irritation.

Another body language many people are familiar with is the movement of legs and feet. Drumming your fingers is not the only thing that signifies restlessness; tapping your feet or toes has the same meaning. A well-known gesture is stomping: the act of showing anger or intimidation. You may have seen people do this when they are shooing away animals.

Of course, the movements mentioned above are not all there is to knowing people’s minds; they actually only make up one tiny little piece of the vast world of body language. There are many more gestures people do that can give others an insight into their thoughts.

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