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Chantal Martínez 9th, Alejandra Calderón 12th & María Valeria Delgadillo 11th.

As some of you may know, the Secondary English Department holds a Poetry Contest every year to reward our ANS poets who devote themselves to their writing. Every year, students show their literary skills and passion towards poetry by writing an original poem starting in 6th grade, every year to 12th grade. English teachers from each grade choose the top five poems from their grade and then teachers vote on the top three for each grade level.

The first place winners for each grade were the following:

  • 6th grade – Dramatic Monologue:
    • “Fading Away” by Nydia del Carmen
  • 7th grade – Free Verse:
    • “The Cicimique” by Angelica Vivas
  • 8th grade – Free Verse:
    • “At Last I am Free” by Julio Vargas
  • 9th grade – Sonnet:
    • “Sincere Sentiment” by Chantal Martinez
  • 10th grade – Free Verse:
    • “They Were In Love” by Ivana Hernandez
  • 11th grade – Elegy:
    • “What Once Was” by Andres Galvis
  • 12th grade – Ode:
    • “Ode to Al Capone” by Vanessa Pezzello

Not only that, but there were two important awards given to the best poem throughout Middle School (Frost Award) and throughout High School (Wordsworth Award). These recognitions were won by the following:

  • Frost Award:
    • “At Last I am Free” by Julio Vargas
  • Wordsworth Award:
    • “They Were In Love” by Ivanna Hernandez

Furthermore, our ANS English Department will be anxiously waiting to read next year’s poems and attending to this amazing academic ceremony!

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