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Eye of the Tiger News visited the 5th graders and gave them a short presentation about our school newspaper. We shared  the importance of the press in our society and how we created our school paper this year.

Several students shared their enthusiasm about being part of the team next year and we introduced a challenge: to write a short opinion article about how they think middle school will be like. Of course, they were very excited about the rewards for being in the top three, but they were also exited about sharing their opinions about middle school life. Several students submitted their articles and they were all great, but ultimately, there were three top winners who rose to the top.

These three winners are: Jeremy Cunliffe, “What’s Sixth Grade Going To Be Like?”;  Amalia Lund, “What Is Middle School Like?”; and Esteban Zamora, “A 5th Grader Dream”.  As promised, we are sharing their articles for you to enjoy and to better understand the perspective of a fifth grader  during their last months before middle school.

These are the articles in order of chosen place:

(1st place) “What’s Sixth Grade Going To Be Like”, Jeremy Cunliffe:

First, there will be wild craziness, then a mediocre anxiousness, and finally, peaceful rest as everyone settles into their role in middle school. Some may become mature while others may start believing themselves “too cool for school.” Some may lack the skill to complete all their work and homework, and others may be forced to do work to stay as part of this school.

Some kids that almost simply didn’t care about school will be pushed to the brink by trying to keep up. (If they make it.) Responsible kids on the other hand, will give their effort to be splendid students. Sixth graders might start their own cliques, and may leave others out of certain things. All new students will most likely have a very difficult time trying to complete homework for seven different classes, as they are used to having way less homework. As you can guess, the irresponsible will have a terrible, stressful, and tedious time trying to keep up with the rest of the group. Responsible kids, won’t be completely at ease but they will certainly be a lot better off than irresponsible kids. They will feel like they do have an important task to do, and will focus on it throughout the year, moving on to Seventh grade. Their opposites, will reach out to try and reach this goal. Hopefully, they will. As everyone deserves an education.

Socially, there will be possibly be too many changes. Simple friends may make cliques. Bullying may become even more of a serious problem, with some people trying to show off to others. Some may gain friends, and others will lose them. (Maybe because they aren’t “cool” enough.) There will be a rise in gossip, the phrases, “Look at what they are wearing!”, and “Look at them!” May be heard more often. Friends may separate due to other issues, too. Personal ones. Too much stress. Don’t want to hang out with someone because it’s “uncool”. More reasons could fall into the category of no longer wanting to be friends. Of course, many will stay friends. Some may start thinking of themselves too highly and may deem themselves “too cool for school”. You shouldn’t know what to expect in middle school socially.

Academically, most kids will probably succeed. A few might have a hard time, but most should be O.K for the time being. Studies will become more rigorous, and homework will sky rocket up. Less, “I will let you finish another day will be heard and less mercy may be given to students who forget important things or are just simply lazy. With student traits, we may learn how to use these traits and when to use them and how to use them correctly. In general, our knowledge should grow as a tree does over decades.

A lot of things could interfere with school. Social and personal problems. Growing up. Being too self conscious. In school problems. Bullying. Stress. So on. Almost anything. So, we must give our best and know that we can achieve anything and finish what we must. This should be accurate and is my opinion of what sixth grade is going to be like. Unless, of course, I happen to be horribly misinformed and have no idea of what really happens in middle school”

(2nd place) “What Will My Future Be?”, Amalia Lund:

“What is middle school? I think middle school is going to be a crazy but fun experience.I know for a fact that there is day 1 and day 2 which will be very stressful and hard to keep track of, especially the schedules and times to be at certain classes. I think that having a locker will be very handy because you can just go to it and put the things from last period in and then take out the things for the next period. Also if your locker is decorated but can also keep your things organized throughout the year then that is be even better.

Going to the food court will have a pro and a con in my life… The pro is that there are more choices of food to choose from.The con is that we are only going to eat and nothing else, and coming from elementary with a playground to walk around around, then changing up to middle school is a big change and it might take some time to get used to. What if I have a class right after and I don’t know where it is?? Then that will be a tricky situation because I will kind of have to memorize them in case that ever happens and that goes for day 1 and day 2.

Middle school will be tricky and yet I am looking forward to graduating into middle school. I am a little bit nervous about getting to classes on time and ready but I think everybody is too. I doubt middle school is going to be a series of horrible years. I am looking forward to a locker and learning new things. Middle school is definitely going to be a fun experience. That is what I imagine middle school being like…….”

(3rd place) “A Fifth Grader’s Dream”, Esteban Zamora:

Oh! How wonderful will it be when I get to Middle school.  I will have amazing teachers who are going to teach us incredible things. Middle school will be a marvelous place with lots of classrooms and teachers. I will be meeting a lot of students from other countries [maybe from other planets].  How wonderful will it be to have a food court, because we can taste and smell different foods.  It will be amazing to have lots of homework to do, because I will always learn something from the homework.

How cool will middle school be, with great teachers, good students and good learning [that’s the most important]. I am trying my best to go to middle school, it will not be easy for me but I will never GIVE UP! I will not fall down from the mountain, I will keep going onto the top part of the mountain. I’m not afraid to go to middle school, because I’m going to do my best to move forward.

Middle school will have lots of students and teachers. Middle school will have excellent students who will help each other like amazing friends. It will be amazing when we get to middle school! Because we are going to meet new students, new teachers and new seniors. OH! How marvelous!

My dream is to be in middle school, because I have a big opportunity to be an excellent student. I just think that it will be an amazing place with amazing students and I want to be one of those student. I’m just dreaming that middle and high school are marvelous places for me! Middle school is a dream for me, I want to be there, I WILL NEVER GIVE UP ON MY DREAM!

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