He Named Me Malala

By: Massiel Flores and Adriana Delgadillo (11th grade)

Throughout the world, a girl’s education is still a big issue. According to UNICEF, 31 million primary school aged girls are not enrolled in school.  An organization that wants to help tackle this issue is the American Nicaraguan School chapter of She’s the First, a nonprofit organization that helps sponsor the education of girls in low-income countries, for them to become the first in their families to receive an education. In their efforts, they hosted a movie screening for “He Named Me Malala” on Wednesday April 27 in Cinemas, Galerias.

This event happened in order to raise money to sponsor the education of girls. While the club has already sponsored two girls, they are trying to fundraise to sponsor even more girls.

When arriving to Cinemas, the officers Gabriella, Maria Alejandra and Lizette, ANS Students from 10th and 11th grade , greeted the attendees. By 6:30, the lights of the  theater room turned off and the movie started.

The audience was presented with a trailer of the American Nicaraguan School She’s the First Chapter, which showcased many of the ANS students and people from Nicaragua. As soon as this trailer finished, the movie started with Malala explaining the story behind her name.

The movie screening was a total success as the theater room was full and when the movie ended, the people started clapping.

There are also other ways to help, by using the hashtag #withMalala. Help us stand up for women’s rights for education!

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