What’s Next?

The time has come. It is time to finally graduate. You are already accepted to the college you always wanted to attend. You are finally free from high school. It is a start to college life. But what needs to be done before graduation?

Once our acceptance we start to realize that things are becoming real. The days you thought never would come and coming and things are getting excited.

The first thing on everyone’s mind is “who will my roommate be?” This is the most difficult part of the college process.

First, think about who you are as a person and how your roommate will fit your identity. Than, start talking to people that you may be interested in being your roommate. Get to know each other because what you see in pictures may not be the end result. Don’t get frustrated if for the first weeks you don’t find your right match. It will come sooner or later. And trust me, it would be worth your time. At the end of the day you will get to be with the best match that highlights who you are.

Next stop, your college classes. Be sure to manage your time and choose what classes you have each day so that you get your assignments done in class.

The other most important thing is to be prepared for a new life. This will be the best 4 years of your life. So don’t rush things, and have fun because these years will be the ones that will mark your life completely. These are YOUR years.

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