Cumbre de las Américas – DALE Nicaragua

image (1)Every year, DALE Nicaragua has a high school debate with different committees. One of them is Cumbre de las Americas, which this year had a delegation focused on the improvement of life in the region of Latin America, based on environmental damages and the massive spread of diseases.

This committee had a total of 35 members of Latin American countries that together had a goal of determining the possible solutions to counter-attack these problems. One of the junior co-chairs was Vilma Navarrete, an ANS student who is al member of Hacia Democracy. The other co-chair was Rebeca Reyes, an NCA student who had previously participated in Hacia Democracy as well.

We debated solutions such as fracking in some of the Latin American countries present, enforcing the laws of tree felling, promoting the use of electric cars, and sending helicopters with medical aid to the countries that were affected by environmental catastrophes.

This year there was a crisis that made the debate even more interesting and challenging because it required alternative long term and short term solutions. The crisis was the discovery of a new disease known as “Mutation A”, which was a combination of Zika, Ebola, Dengue Fever and Malaria. Thought this is not a current disease, it was created as a way to help students learn about crisis management. This disease was supposedly found in Brazil, Chile, Paraguay and Venezuela, killing thousands of people in the area

These two days of debating were intense and exhausting but at the end we accomplished our goal. The members felt proud of their contributions to the committee because they saw how the tensions between countries lessened in order to get to a final viable solution.

Hope to see you next year in this wonderful committee known as Cumbre de las Américas.

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