Exploring La Prensa

Chantal Martínez 9th, Alejandra Calderón 12th grade & María Valeria Delgadillo 11th grade.

Screen Shot 2016-05-03 at 12.43.49 PMOn Friday May the 22nd, the Journalism class had the privilege of visiting the installations of La Prensa. La Prensa newspaper is located on  Km 4½ Pista Pedro Joaquin Chamorro. This  is a national newspaper that was founded by Gabry Rivas and Enrique Belli during 1926. It flourished with a firm purpose to work within the benefits of interests, encourages the national cultures, and defends the principles of the conservative party of Nicaragua. La Prensa covers national issues and contains different topics such as politics, democracy and republic, corruption in the powers of the state, religion and faith, free trade, world economy, among other things.

Since the students have already experienced what it is like to run a newspaper, they felt even more enthusiasm about learning the process of how the newspaper gets distributed and the personal experiences of the collaborators at La Prensa. Yury Salvatierra, trip manager, dedicated his time to give us a tour around the installations of the building. We got the opportunity to access some of the main rooms that separated the journalists in different locations in the building. For example, the sports, editoria, economy, politics, etc… Also we were introduced to the room where all the machines in charge of making the papers remain, and one of the most impacting part of the visit was seeing the thick rolls of paper that the newspaper gets printed on. The entire room was filled with it, and Yury Salvatierra told us that every night they programmed the machines in order for it to complete the process and allowing the workers to keep track of the final product during the first part.

La Prensa is not based only on publicating news through paper, it also provides online updates of what is currently happening in our country and around the world. The people in charge of this section are constantly uploading pictures and videos because it has been effective for others to view medias rather than reading long passages.

The journalism class had various questions regarding to the schedule of the journalists and what they were allowed to write. Some valuable information we received from Mr. Salvatierra were regarding to the struggles that the journalist faced such as keeping up day to day to the news and be the first ones to write about the national news before any international newspaper. La Prensa does not consider any newspaper in Nicaragua as a competition, rather they see as a competition the international newspapers that can write nicaraguan news before them. He also told us about how it depends from each journalist the number of articles they do, it all depends on the events.

Furthermore, La Prensa has a special section for the editorials which are those articles that contain opinions of the authors. Not only that, but an interesting fact is that the only things that can contain the opinion of someone, besides the editorials, are the interviews to specialists on a certain topic. Moreover, we were informed that there are about 150 employees in the business. Among all of these people they create meetings to review the articles for later submissions. Once they are ready, 70,000 newspapers are made in a daily routine for them to be delivered by people trucks and motorcycles, to the subscribers of La Prensa. Finally, it is amazing that in Nicaragua, we have one of the most prestigious newspaper, that not only covers national news, but issues worldwide.

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