Intense! That is the word that describes the overall experience felt on the CONTECA 2016 Tournament at Club Terraza.

The CONTECA Tournament is an event that takes place in Nicaragua once every two years. A total of 129 young participants from Central America competed in U-12, U-13, U-14, and U-16 categories.  Of the participants, 22 represented Nicaragua and among their ranks were our outstanding students.

High school players were: Lauren Fonseca (10 grade), Juan Ignacio Ortiz ( 9th grade), Xaviera Cuadra (9th grade), and Oscar Rodríguez (9th Grade) represented our great nation Nicaragua in the U-16 category

Our middle school player was Anastasio Ortiz(7th) who played in the U-13 category.

And representing elementary was Valeska Navarrete(5th) in the U-12 category.

All of these players had been preparing with the utmost effort and dedication for this prestigious event that lasted from March, Wednesday  30th until April, Saturday 2nd.

Here are the highlights from the competition:

March 31st:

The competition started out really well for our ANS students. Oscar Rodríguez defeated Ignacio Cobos who represented Guatemala, 6-3 on the first set and  6-1 on the second set. Lauren Fonseca defeated Crista Rojas who represented Honduras, 6-1 on the first set and 7-5 on the second set. Lauren had won 2 out of 3 matches during singles and advanced towards semifinals against the Honduran representative, Alessa Matuty. Juan Ignacio Ortiz played 2 single matches and won both. On doubles he won the first double match with the companionship of Nicaraguan Rodrigo Pereira while our fifth grader Aleska Navarrete was able to win one match on singles.

April 1st:

On Friday, April 1st, the persistent Juan Ignacio Ortiz played against the Honduran representative Carlos Gallardo in a semi-final match that kept everyone watching it on the edge of their seats. Both players were confident about their skills and their capabilities, and both of them were without a doubt a great match for each other. As the ball was slammed back and forth throughout the court, the audience’s eyes full of hope and interest followed the ball. Juan Ignacio won the first set and his opponent Carlos Gallardo won the second one. A third set of 10 points was needed to break the tie. Even though Carlos Gallardo fought fiercely, he was not able to defeat Juan Ignacio Ortiz who ultimately emerged victorious and was able to advance to the single finals against Rodrigo Pereira who defeated the Honduran Alberto Gutiérrez. Regarding doubles once again, Juan Ignacio Ortiz and Rodrigo Pereira, representing Nicaragua, with an outstanding performance, defeated Esteban Pérez and Felipe Quesada of Costa Rica, advancing towards the finals of doubles.
On that same day, our dedicated student and athlete Lauren Fonseca also fought a very exciting semi-final match against Alessa Matuty. Both of them played vigorously, gave an outstanding effort, and both of them had the same goal in mind: victory. After an intense, intriguing, and very close match, the Honduran Alessa Matuty won the match 6-4 on the first set and 4-6 on the second one. Despite this defeat Lauren remained resilient and positive, and she competed for third place in singles. In the U-13 category middle school student Anastasio Ortiz got two victories on singles and he was also able to win two double matches with Jurgen Espinoza and successfully advanced towards the finals against Alejandro Licea and Rodrigo Zelaya of El Salvador on doubles. Anastasio Ortiz mentioned that despite feeling nervous, he always went into the court with a positive attitude and the desire to obtain victory.

April 2nd:

April 2nd was the last day of the tournament. It was on this day that all the matches were going to end, and it was on this day where all the victors were going to emerge. Juan Ignacio Ortiz faced the Nicaraguan Rodrigo Pereira for the crown of the tournament on the single category. After a staggering match in which both of players gave all that they had, Rodrigo Pereira ultimately emerged victorious with a score of 6-3 on the first set and 6-4 on the second one. After mercilessly competing against each other, Juan Ignacio Ortiz and Rodrigo Pereira joined forces once again and got the crown on doubles after defeating the Nicaraguans Yago de la Calle and Oscar Rodríguez. Juan Ignacio Ortiz mentions he owes all of his achievements to his family, who constantly supported him and motivated him, and also to his coaches who trained him and never let him down. On the U-13 Category, Anastasio Ortiz along with Jurgen Espinoza faced Alejandro Licea and Rodrigo Zelaya from El Salvador in the double final. After both of teams played relentlessly, the Salvadorian team emerged victorious leaving Anastasio Ortiz and Jurgen Espinoza in second place.


The end of the event:

CONTECA 2016 concluded later that night with the award ceremony in which both, Anastasio Ortiz and Juan Ignacio Ortiz received their well-deserved awards. Juan Ignacio Ortiz was crowned as the second best in all of Central America while Anastasio Ortiz also won his well deserved award after finishing in second place in doubles with Jurgen Espinoza.

Juan Ignacio Ortiz emerged as the Central American Champion along with his doubles partner Rodrigo Pereira. This outstanding achievement derived from countless hours of effort, which not only brought prestige to them, but also brought prestige to our great nation of Nicaragua. DSC_8603 DSC_8601DSC_8602DSC_8605 DSC_8608 DSC_8609 DSC_8613 DSC_8626 DSC_8627 Screen Shot 2016-04-03 at 9.32.25 p.m. Screen Shot 2016-04-03 at 9.46.29 p.m. Screen Shot 2016-04-03 at 9.49.44 p.m. Screen Shot 2016-04-03 at 9.59.29 p.m. Screen Shot 2016-04-03 at 9.59.40 p.m. Screen Shot 2016-04-03 at 10.25.52 a.m.

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