How I Got Into My Dream School

Some of us may think that we are not capable of achieving our dreams. Let me tell you how I accomplished mine.

At the beginning of my senior year I felt too much pressure as everyone was choosing what university to go to. This is because my dream has always been going to “Elon University” which is a tough school to get into.

When school started I lost hope. I would let myself down and kept repeating how I would never get into Elon. I would even cry to my parents telling them how lame I felt. It wasn’t until I realized that I was letting negative thoughts get into my head.

You see, I was that “D” or “C” student who struggled; yet, when second quarter started I raised my grades. I haven’t had grades like this in my academic profile before. I now got “A’s” and “B’s” which was incredible. I did this by believing in myself and being motivated and determined. It took a lot of work studying, but in the end it was worth it.

Then in December I got deferred by Elon and found out the decision wouldn’t be made until March 20th. This was a really sad phase in my life. But I never gave up. I decided to continue to work hard and believe.

Then, March 20th came and the decision was made. I got accepted into my dream school and I have never felt happier in my life!

My advice to you is to never give up on your dreams. There will be happy and sad times, but remember to never give up on yourself. Sometimes, you might lose confidence, yet at the end of the day, this is your life, so work hard and fight. Don’t let others decide for you and don’t focus on negative thoughts.

I never thought I would be admitted to my dream school and Elon gave me the dream and chance to become the girl who I am today.

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