GIN Medellín 2016


Massiel Flores, 11th grade.

“The best place to be on earth”’ are the words that greeted us at the Global Issues Network (GIN) conference by Director, Linda Sills. This conference encourages young people to look for solutions for the problems that are threatening our world.

One way to do this is by joining groups like GIN,  a worldwide organization whose main goal is to find sustainable solutions for global problems like: education for all, global warming, deforestation, among other p]\ressing issues.


GIN brings young people together with their annual conference. This year’s conference was hosted by the Columbus School in Medellin, Colombia. The students that attended were from grades 9-12 along with teachers Mr. Adam Smith and Mrs. Kate Wilke.


The ANS representatives took part in this three-day conference that included: keynote speakers, student workshops and exploring more of what Medellin has to offer.


In total, there were delegates from most American nations such as Perú, Honduras, Guatemala, and the USA, adding up to more than 10 countries and more than 200 students. Maria Avendaño, a “GINner”, describes her interaction at this event as ‘’an amazing experience’’ with an incredible balance between learning and fun.


One of the workshops was by Manuel Maqueda, an environmentalist who  emphasized on the importance of preserving our planet. This had an impact on me because he showed us the importance of taking care of our surroundings. For example, we saw how animals are dying with plastic residues in their stomachs. He inspired me to not use single-use plastic items, like straws, since although their usage is for a short period of time, they live on this planet forever and have a devastating effect on wildlife. Both the keynote speaker and student presentations gave me more knowledge, awareness of climate change, and inspiration to work towards making this world a better place for everyone.


The ANS team presented four different workshops representing our clubs: Teleton, Building Bridges, Fabretto and Conanca. In order to portray their projects, all groups made videos, that are accessible through a click in the name of each project. All of the presentations had a great turnout supporting the goal of presenting solutions that we propose to different problems.


We’ll see you soon in Panama for GIN 2017!  Here comes ANS!

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