Teletón at the ANS Community    

Teletón is a non-profit organization that deeply believes in collecting humanitarian and economic resources for children and teletonadults with disabilities in different local centers throughout Nicaragua. In 2015, ANS students and staff were honored to be the
host of the Special Olympics to benefit the Fundación Teletón and Los Pipitos. This event helped raise
awareness with the students and staff.

This year, the American Nicaraguan School was proud to again host the Special Olympics on Friday, March 19th.

Students were assigned a buddy to spend the day with while they participated in activities like track and field, swimming, and soccer. Even though these events came as a challenge to most of the athletes due to their different abilities, through good sportsmanship, they were able to reach the finish line!

During the track and field competition, the kids were separated into categories according to their different capabilities. It was amazing to see the excitement of the kids who were competing. ANS’ support was incredible as students were cheering, encouraging the children and adults who were participating.

Even though there were not that many children participating in swimming, those who were did a great job by showing their skills in the pool.

Also, there were two soccer games going on on field one and field 2. The teams were made randomly and the players were happy as they scored amazing goals. The cheers from the spectators further encouraged them to play their best.

Throughout the day, ANS students were able to get to know their assigned buddies and the families who accompanied them.

By the end of the activity, lunch was provided to the guests and the students guided them to the closing ceremony after they ate. The closing ceremony was very motivating since there was a guest speaker who had Down Syndrome. She introduced herself and talked directly to the audience. Although it was hard for her to talk and express herself, she did a great job inspiri
IMG_1787ng everyone present.

Additionally, the children and adults who participated were able to earn medals and their excitement was extraordinary. Not only that, but the president of Teleton gave a speech thanking our school and introducing us to their new goal for next year.

All the students and staff at ANS were able to have the opportunity to interact with these extraordinary people who greatly enjoyed the activities hosted by our school.

We, the ANS community, are looking forward to being part of the Special Olympics next year!

Written by: Alejandra Calderon 12th, and Chantal Martínez 9th

This is Estelita and Chantal at the closing ceremony.

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