Paint Splatters?

Just throw paint on a canvas and you already have an abstract painting worth millions of dollars: that’s the general advice someone may give when you tell them you are making an abstract painting.

However, abstract art is more than just paint splatters.

As a student in Art II, we were asked to create an abstract work in order to explore more on the subject. Abstract is defined as “of or relating to the formal aspect of art, emphasizing lines, colors, generalized or geometrical forms, etc., especially with reference to their relationship to one another.” This means that abstract is more than splattered paint; it is shapes, colors and scribbles that together create a beautiful masterpiece. Slowly a canvas can transform from a white piece of fabric to a colorful masterpiece.

The process for an abstract is actually difficult. First, you have to find colors that match together. While painting you will notice that some colors don’t look well on top of the other. This creates a color that is muddy and does not go with what you are trying to do. Which this is why you use white paint. White paint will be your lifesaver in this situation.

One way to create an abstract painting easily is with masking tape. You can paint a base, put the tape where you want to the color to show and just paint another color after it obviously after the base dries.

One struggle that I found with using tape is that sometimes the paint bleeds over, this can sometimes ruin the piece and you will most likely need to start over. An abstract painting is not something that you can create in 1 hour, for me this piece took me about six classes, which is about nine hours of painting.

Abstract is not about an image, it’s about layers, colors and shapes that create its essence.

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