AASCA Soccer 2016

Strong, StrScreen Shot 2016-03-17 at 12.41.00 PMiped, Proud! The ANS Newspaper is proud to announce our soccer team’s presence for AASCA 2016 in San Salvador, El Salvador.

The tournament was held from February 10th to the 14th, and our teams represented the American Nicaraguan School in front some of the most prestigious schools of Central America.

Both, the boys’ and girls’ soccer teams did a wonderful job, giving the game their 100% and playing to their best abilities. We are pleased to announce that the boys’ soccer team scored third place in the final results, beat only by Escuela Internacional Sampedrana and Lincoln School. Their captain, Agustin Aleman, scored a goal that was later declared the best goal in the tournament, making ANS prouder than ever. The girls’ soccer team landed sixth place out of the twelve competing schools. Escuela Internacional Sampedrana, Escuela Americana del Salvador, AST, International School of Panama, and Colegio Internacional de Guatemala were the only ones to defeat the girls’ soccer team. Out of the three games they played, they tied two and lost the third one by one goal. The girls’ defense was named AASCA’s best.

The Eye of the Tiger Newspaper would like to congratulate all team members for giving AASCA ‘16 their maximum effort and subsequently making our institution unbelievably proud. Go Tigers! 

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