What You Didn’t Know About Surfing in Nicaragua

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Surfing is a hobby that has been around since the XVIII century in the Pacific islands and since then it has taken the world by storm. When thinking about surfing, most people immediately think about Venice Beach, Redondo Beach, or some other beach in California. And in Nicaragua the first place that comes to mind when people think about surf is San Juan del Sur.

Although San Juan del Sur is the mecca of surf in Nicaragua most people don’t know that there are hidden treasures: the beaches next to San Juan. The reason that San Juan is not the real mecca of surfing in Nicaragua is because it is excessively used, is really crowded, and the waves are rarely good for surfing.

The top 5 spots according to the Nicaragua Surf Report are Playa Colorado, Playgrounds, Astillero beach, Aschunchillo, and the top spot which is Playa Hermosa. The beautiful Playa Hermosa is placed on the top spot because of its wave consistency and quality, it’s relatively calm environment (not crowded), and very low number of hazards.


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