We Couldn’t Wait to Get Older

Four years ago in 2013: we stepped into high school, invincible and seeking to do well, to find our own identities, and our best friends. When we first entered we realized that we were going to be the first freshman class to use the large red lockers in our hallway. Moments later, a meeting took place at one of the lawns next to the high school building.There was the principal, the school director, counselor, teachers, and the high school class president who had prepared a welcoming speech. As this meeting concluded, we received our class schedules and as they were handed to us we thought about how great it was to feel older than the middle schoolers. We were officially in high school. During this time we met our best friend and we probably had a crush on a cute senior. We were still innocent and didn’t know how close we were to becoming adults, because four years ago we couldn’t wait to get older.

Three years ago in 2014: we stepped into high school thinking we owned the place. Not quite as the seniors did, but we were no longer the babies and lowly freshmen that everyone liked to tease around. We suddenly had a new attitude, new perspectives, passions, and interests. However, we were the still individuals in search of ourselves, just looking to fit in, and trying to achieve something. As we followed our daily routines, we expanded our circle of friends and talked more often about parties. It was basically the era of the sweet sixteens and quinceaneras, because three years ago we couldn’t wait to be older.

Two years ago in 2015: we were the upperclassmen. We began to realize that we were growing up. We got our licenses, started driving on weekends, got our IDs, went on beach trips and aimed for late nights out.We felt independent. Two years ago we realized who our true friends were and discarded those who weren’t. For the ones who were truly our best friends we cherished the time spent with them. We found where we fit in, but still seemed to be looking for something else. Two years ago we started talking about college, thinking it was so far away, yet so close. And again, two years ago we still couldn’t wait to get older.

This year, 2016: we entered the school as seniors. We had “senioritis” before the class even started. Everything we did it was our last… Last pep rally, last AASCA, last knowledge bowl, last valentine, last halloween, last secret santa, last birthday at home, last beach trip… Not only did we rebel, but we learned.We might or might not have the same best friends we had in previous years. Our friendships brought us good and bad, in laughter and tears, through boyfriends, bad grades, and family troubles. With them we wanted to grow up so quickly. We got to the stage that we started to hangout with the people we never thought we would. We now cherish time spent with everyone.These four years of high school have brought us change. We applied for colleges, both near and far. We got accepted, we got rejected, we found exactly where we wanted to go. We realized we wouldn’t have the comfort of our home in a year. Now we have finally realized that we could have waited to get older. We are both happy and afraid to go out on this world alone. We have come to realize that the time somehow slipped away and soon we will be saying our last goodbye.

We will soon go to our last junior-senior banquet, graduate, and sit with classmates for the last time. Finally, we will be all together and be recognized as the class of 2016. The senior class is noisy, full of misfits, geeks, jocks, but most importantly the a second family. Now we are getting excited to start over, sad to leave things behind, and anxious to move on. We realize how important our best friends are and how much fun we have had in the past four years. As of now, we wish we were younger and have taken the time to appreciate every moment. Now we face having to say goodbye or is it just a see you later?


Wish you the best of luck class of 2016,
Alejandra Calderon Gomez
Edited by: Chantal Martinez

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