La Francophonie 2016: Celebrating the French Language and Culture!

 _DSC0264Viva la France! The Francophonie of this year, coordinated and made possible by the gracious Madame Agnès Macé, was with no doubt an utter success full of charming acts and outstanding students who showed utmost dedication and thrill throughout the entire celebration. The francophonie is an annual celebration with the goal of commemorating the French language and culture that lasts from February 24 to the 18 of March and the American Nicaraguan School isn’t staying out of the celebration!

The Francophonie celebration in ANS began on March 8th at 9:00 AM in the Ossi Room. The effort of all the French students was clear on stage after they delighted the audience with outstanding acts starting out with a warm welcome from the hosts Alfredo Artiles and Vanessa Pezzello. Alexander Rovin and Ji Suk Chung then proceed to perform “Les feuilles mortes” adding a magnificent musical touch to the initiation of the celebration. After the musical delectation, the audience got the opportunity of participating in a “Kahoot” which gave many facts about the French language and culture while having lots of fun. Speaking about amusement and fun, the students Martin Panduro and Daniela García guided a game of “Devinettes” in which the audience tried to guess what they were imitating.

After much games and enjoyment Vanessa Ahlers wit h the musical accompanying of the pianist Grace McGregor, sang with an admirable voice the French song “Chou Wasabi” pleasing any ear that heard it. After such a magnificent song the students Josie Durán, Anamari Alemán, Alicia Pereira, and Verónica Artiles from French 2 portrayed the story of a clever ape, an angry lion, and a foolish wolf. The hilarious mime show followed, show in which Ricardo Ramirez, Estefanía Solorzano, María Cobos, Ana Rizo and Paulina Slick without saying a single word, crack a few smiles and a whole bunch of laughters from the audience.

Even after the wonderful performances of Vanessa Ahlers, the audience was once again delighted by the beautiful voice of Vanessa Pezzello singing “Salut Au revoir” along with the amazing guitarist María Belén Navarro both seniors of the class of 2016. The audience was then instructed of the cultural differences between France and Switzerland by the French 3 students, Daniel Ko, and  Tony Choi. María Portieles, and Ivanna Hernández then proceeded to do another mime act, this time, portraying the difference between the swiss culture and the French culture in an amusing way.

Last but not least, the students Ximena Castillo, Andrea Chamorro, Sabrina Sandino, and María Fernanda Matus performed the astonishing Can Can dance in which they showed an amazing coordination and showed no hesitation in any of their movements, but such marvelous performance wouldn’t have been possible without the mentorship of Lucia Morice, Natalie Blandon, and Amy Urroz. In the end, the french students that were vital for the Francophonie celebration gathered up in order . to farewell their audience! au revoir! Until next year

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