The Book Worm


by Fernando Ortiz, Winni Yeh, and Samantha Chung (11th grade)

_DSC0182Mr.Creal is a world literature and world film teacher. He felt that becoming an English teacher was the best option for him. He spent four years learning literature and he figured that spending a couple more years learning how to teach it wasn’t a bad idea. After meeting his wife, he came to Nicaragua.

Before working at ANS, he worked at a company called Infusystem, where his job was to travel all over the Southwest ( Southern California, Colorado, New Mexico, Arizona). His main job was to manage the people who were using the company’s chemotherapy fusion pumps.

This 10th grade teacher doesn’t have a favorite author, however, his favorite book is “The Book Thief” by Markus Zusak. He says he was a decent student who never had discipline issues. He did have two English teachers who had an impact on him: Ms. Plakey and Ms.Zerk. He appreciates Ms. Zerk the most because she talked to him about areas that he needed help in.

He feels he learned a lot from his teacher, however, she didn’t inspire him to become an English teacher. It was when he began to write poetry in the eighth grade and even though he always has had a love for literature, the one who inspired him to teach it was his grandfather. His grandfather would tell him that reading was a wonderful thing. He encouraged him to have a habit of reading, which had a big impact on him because he learned at a young age that learning how to read well was something necessary.

His expectations for his students are simple, he just wants them to get the work done when they are asked to, and he believes that if students put in effort they can learn how to read and write correctly.

The two most memorable experiences he has had are his wedding day and the day his wife told him she was pregnant. The weirdest memorable experience he has had is when he got a concussion playing rugby. He explained that the sensation of being in movement while “stuck in a cloud” as people say, is weird.

His main goal in life is to live his Christian faith in action and word. He prays daily that people see that. He would like to build a small farm and raise the food to eat and to sell, so he can maintain his family; he wants to enjoy the time God gave him in this world and to use it wisely.     

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