Jornada Dariana 2016: Celebrating the 100th Anniversary of Dario’s Death

100 years have passed since the death of one of the most prestigious and revolutionary authors of all time, the Nicaraguan poet Ruben Dario. His remains are now resting in peace, but his spirit, his art, and his admirable essence still lives on with us. Time has proven to be no match for the everlasting legacy of Dario. All of his accomplishments must be remembered by history and by us, and because of this, it is our duty to celebrate and admire this prestigious man as much as he is admired his country, his culture, and his people.

Here, at the American Nicaraguan School we exalt our outstanding poet through the declamation of poems and stories, musical performances , and also by recognizing those students who showed a great creative genius in their writing in honor of Ruben Dario.

The “Jornada Dariana” of this year started out at 8:30 AM on February 18, 2016 in the Covered Athletic Area or the CAA where more than 400 ANS students attended. Initiating with the national anthem of Nicaragua and the United States, the Jornada Dariana of this year proved to be like no other. The organizers of this event, Mrs. Dina Gonzalez and Mrs. Sonia Dávila mentioned that they did not felt any stress while organizing the event because they were doing it with will and love. In the end, they felt pride, joy and satisfaction because they were able to able to recognize the writing of all of those outstanding students, while honoring the memory of Ruben Dario after 100 years of his death.

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