Discovering the Beauty of Nicaragua

Travel experiences enhance the connection betweeIMG_0408n people and they help you learn about your country and its history.

The 11th grade made a trip to La isla de Ometepe on December 3rd and 4th for community service. We spent the night at Hotel Charco Verde which I thought was amazing hotel because it had an abundance of flora in its environment and cabins that made the place unique.

This was a really interesting trip, because it was full of new and wonderful experiences. Some of the activities were cleaning the lake, walking around the Hotel Charco Verde and exploring a museum.

Lastly, we were fortunate enough to enjoy a talk by professor Hamilton. He is a Nicaraguan citizen who has represented the country and his island around the world. He takes the education of people of Nicaragua very dearly.

I think that the walk around The Hotel Charco Verde was really breathtaking because it had a beautiful lake and you had a really good view from the sunset. Professor Hamilton gave us a brilliant talk about how important is to love your culture. At night we had a nice bonfire and a dance that was organized by some students from Ometepe,they made an awesome presentation about different dances in Nicaragua.

Every single student from what I could see had an unforgettable experience with this trip because it wasn’t only a time to help people, but also time to bond and get to toScreen Shot 2016-02-11 at 1.55.57 PM know more about each other.

I especially thank Mrs.Sonia Davila and every 11th grade teacher who organized this trip because it was a trip with so many laughs and smiles and full with really memorable experiences.


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