Minterviewany people remember her as the teacher who kissed the fish twice. Her name is Monica Schneiderman. She is the Algebra II teacher for 10th graders, the AP Calculus for 12th graders, and also the advisor for HACIA Democracy.

Ms. Schneiderman’s first arrival to Nicaragua was as a Peace Corps volunteer in 2010. It is a US government organization whose purpose is to foster peace and friendship among countries by sending volunteers to those places. Although she did not choose to come to this country, it was her decision to stay after falling in love with the city of Leon and its people. That’s the reason why she still lives in Leon despite working in Managua.


She calls herself a nerd for languages and she proves this by trying to learn dialects in different countries. She has lived in five countries: USA, Spain, Mexico, Brazil and Nicaragua. Other than English and Spanish, she also speaks Portuguese. Recently, Mandarin Chinese became her next target. She says, “I’m fascinated by how language unites people and allows for the sharing of cultures!”


The reason why Ms. Schneiderman started teaching math was because she used to tutor her friends. Many of them said that she was better than their teacher at explaining things. One friend in particular hired her as her tutor; that friend told her that she should consider being a math teacher. Ms. Schneiderman did in fact like teaching, especially when she had the satisfaction of seeing others understand and excel at a challenging subject. She likes working with high school aged students because working with them every day brings “new surprises.”


Ms. Schneiderman has had memorable experiences working at ANS. She feels happy when students end up succeeding from hard work and perseverance even though they doubted their skills at first. Regarding HACIA Democracy, she feels that it has “really opened [her] eyes to the world from a Latin American perspective.” She loves watching students dive into international problems and look for ways to solve them.


She expects her students to give math a chance and to try their hardest. Her biggest goal is to make them understand the why of what they’re doing and to see the connection of math to the real world.


Like other people, she also has future plans and goals. She would like to start up some sort of bilingual school/center focused on increasing Math and English fluency. Other than her profession, she hopes to travel more and explore the world. She also says, “I would like to get married soon and eventually have a family of my own.”

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