Senior Community Service Day

For the first time in high school, the American Nicaraguan School provided a “service day” where each grade from 9-12 was assigned to different communities to help by their STUCO representatives.

For our community service day, the seniors went to visit the Abandoned Children of Nicaragua where we got the chance to help improve the infrastructure.

As a class we were divided into three groups. One group was asked to bring any new or used toys to children as Christmas presents. The second group was assigned to clean the school, paint the walls and install new fans. The third group was in charge of building and painting a playground.

This was a memorable day because it’s important for students to give back to the community and be grateful to others and as a class we got to make a difference and gain knowledge about local issues impacting our community.

Through helping the community we also became closer as seniors. That day everyone got along so well. It definitely injected new energy and enthusiasm into our grade as we learned how to work as a team. This was a great experience that brought a change to the community and to a class as a whole. I can’t wait for the next community service day.

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