Momotombo Eruption as seen from ANS

On the morning of December 2nd 2015, Momotombo, a volcano located near Leon, erupted. It is the first time the volcano shows activity of such magnitude since 1905, 110 years ago. Here at ANS, The students are able to view the activity from the high school building’s second floor, near room 16, by looking towards the North West.  Elementary students have been visiting the building to take a look at the volcano. Mr. Huerta, 11th grade pre-calculus teacher, took advantage of the situation to have students apply mathematical measurements with a clinometer.

One can see the volcano, blurred due to distance, with the smoke and ash currently being ejected towards the West. Currently no aggressive activity can be seen. People from Leon might have to evacuate due to the ashes. If you have family in Leon, give them a call and make sure everything is OK.

These are some pictures of the view from room 16

_DSC0710 _DSC0711 _DSC0712 _DSC0713

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