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Screen Shot 2015-11-16 at 12.38.32 PMWhat happens when you mix a DJ with a painter? You get a super rad festival (and you’ll probably catch a cold too).

“Life in Color” is described as the world’s largest paint party. At this event you dance and enjoy electronic music while getting splashed with paint. After every concert everyone’s shirt becomes a work of art in its own way.

We had the chance to experience it for the second time.

The setup was amazing. The stage was huge and the paint guns didn’t let anyone leave dry or colorless. There were four different places to hang out, but the best ones were the dancefloor, obviously, and the paintbox.

The lineup was good. At the beginning there were two national DJs. During this time there wasn’t any paint involved since they were saving it for the “big bang”. These DJs played for about two hours. At this time the most of the people at the concert were waiting for the count down.

Have you ever experienced that feeling when something is just about to drop and shatter? That is exactly how we felt when we saw the stampede of people who were rushing towards the stage and we realized we weren’t in the best place at the moment. As the countdown reached zero we saw our lives move past our eyes; we were at the front when the “big bang” happened. Suddenly a blast of music, color, and lights took over.

The first artist was Bobby Burns with a “Kaskade” kind of sound. His set wasn’t that long, only about an hour. But what really captivated us was the aerial dance that was happening on stage. There were girls performing in the air as the music was playing and this made it more entertaining to watch. There was also an entertainer who knew how to work the crowd. It was a great  show.

The second artist was Gregory Clossman. During his performance we were introduced to another character, the mad scientist; this guy had a firehose that threw paint at us. By 11 pm we were covered in paint. Gregory’s sound is described as big room house, kind of like Martin Garrix. This DJ knew how to get the crowd together.

At about midnight, the headliner came out; Firebeatz. This DJ had a good melodic feeling. He  knew how to manage the crowds and what type of music to play. Then, they threw the rest of  the paint at us, and by this time the floor was mud and paint and it was hard to walk.

This experience was really awesome and fun even though we caught a cold the following week due to the wet paint.

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