Ms. Yun, or laoshi, as many of her students call her, is the Chinese teacher at the American Nicaraguan School. Last school year, she was named as the teacher of the year; this proves that many students like her as a teacher, which is why we chose to interview her for our newspaper article.

Ms. Yun’s Spanish name is Carolina; her Chinese name is Yun Huizhen. Even though she should be called “Ms. Yun”, many students call her “laoshi” since it means ‘teacher’.

One would think that she is from China since she teaches Chinese, but in fact, that’s not actually true. She is Chinese, but is from Taiwan, Taipei, not China.

1992 was the year Ms. Yun came to Nicaragua. How she came here is too long of a story, so she simplified it by saying it was because of her ex-husband, who is from Nicaragua.

Her history of teaching Chinese started long before she came to ANS. She volunteered to teach people Chinese in Nicaragua since many families from Taiwan couldn’t find a good place to learn Chinese. Another reason is that she studied Chinese language and culture in college.

This year is Ms. Yun’s tenth year teaching in ANS. Teaching this long proves that she likes her job. “Of course, I like it. In fact, I so enjoy it”.

Seeing her students grow from people who know nothing about Chinese, to people who understand Chinese and it’s culture, and is what makes Ms. Yun enjoy her job. She especially enjoyed celebrating 2015’s Chinese New Year, which was a spectacular event at our school.

Ms. Yun just wants her students to enjoy and have an interest in the Chinese language and culture. If one day her students visit her country, Taiwan, then she will feel good about it. She will be encouraged to help them learn more.

She has many dreams. One of them is her wish to help Nicaragua, especially the children: she wants them to get a good education. This comes from her past experience as someone who came from a poor family with no good education. Taiwan has improved and currently has a good education, which is why she thinks Nicaragua will also be the same. That’s why she wants to do something to improve education in Nicaragua.

Lastly, when the interview was almost over, Ms. Yun taught the interviewer how to say goodbye in Chinese, which is “zaijian”.

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