Are Video Games Good or Bad?

Screen Shot 2015-11-16 at 12.43.14 PMAre video games good or bad? This question has been an ongoing debate throughout the years, but there has never been a final decision. So are video games good or bad?

There are many people who think video games are harmful, because nowadays almost every game is violent and has gore in it, and they think that they affect the player’s mind and behavior. But is it actually harmful? Do they really affect your mind?

According to a study made in April of 2015 by British researchers, children who spend more time playing video games might slightly be likelier to be more hyperactive. But violent games don’t actually have a big effect on the behavior of kids and teenagers,

The study consisted of 217 teens, 110 males and 107 females, the researchers looked at their gaming habits and their behaviors. They weren’t able to find an increase in aggression or any difference in their behaviors.

Apart from not being a factor with behavior changes, video games actually give the player some perks. Some of the perks a person can gain by playing video games are:

-It can help you overcome “dyslexia”

-It can help you improve your vision

-It’s also possible they can help you slow the aging process

-Can help you make faster decisions in real life

-They can also help to reduce stress

So are video games good or bad? Taking into account this research and all of the perks that you can get from playing for a couple of hours (without excess) video games can be a great thing. Especially games that have historical and cultural events in them, like Assassin’s Creed III which is set during the American Revolution. These types of video games can be entertaining and also can teach you a bit of history or the culture of a certain country or region.


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