All For One: Hogar Madre Albertina Mission

ANS has many new clubs, targeting help to those in need. There is a new club being offered this year called All For One.

All For One is a non-profit organization helping children who are orphaned at Hogar Madre Albertina, located in Granada. This is an orphanage that works Screen Shot 2015-11-16 at 12.40.30 PMas a refugee for girls who are at risk or suffering from physical, sexual, or psychological abuse.

The club’s mission is to provide support for these girls by encouraging them to keep going on with their lives, as well as providing them with financial support for their education and physiological recovery.

Club President, Sofia Castillo explains, “The point of this club is truly to provide the girls with morale as well as economical support, so they can move forward with their lives.” “These girls have been through all kinds of abuse, they deserve help and they deserve happiness.”

Club members are responsible for bringing everyday necessities, such as food, clothing, and hygiene products to the orphanage. Not only does this club bring essentials to these girls in need, it also works on filling their hearts with joy and warmth by interacting with them through activities and games.

The founders of the club also hope to help the girls by rebuilding their educational establishment.

Because government resources are limited, the club members know that their support is valuable and wish to continue to fund their activities by hosting many fundraising activities.

The club president, Sofia Castillo, as well as the advisors, Andrea Rosales, Sophia Roman, and Chiara Gunkel, (all from 10th grade), encourage ANS students to join the club and help girls in need.

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