The New Mr. Smith

We now have two Mr. Smiths in high school. The new one is Corryn Smith, and you will notice him by his bowties, which makes him “pop-out”. From Monday through Thursday, students will see him wearing bowties, and maybe you’ll notice his favorite one that has a mixture of different colors with stripes and patterns.

Our new Mr. Smith is our 11th grade American literature and AP English language and composition teacher. He has visited Nicaragua before and is thrilled to be in this wonderful country again. He and his wife, Carrie Kohlmeier, arrived here all the way from Saudi Arabia where they both taught. The American Nicaraguan School is Mr. Smith’s fourth international school. He has taught in the U.S. State of Alaska, China, Kazakhstan, and Saudi Arabia.

As an 11th grade teacher, he couldn’t hide his love for the 11th graders. He appreciates the freedom ANS gives the teachers to organize the curriculum, compared to when he was in Saudi Arabia. He calls himself a “non-textbook-person”, therefore he prefers to let students research and drive the class.

Before his life as an English teacher, he worked in the U.S. Department of Agriculture and Forest Service in Alaska. In the West, he had lots of work experiences to pay for his college, including: timber service, fire fighting, and service in the army. Because he wanted to share his memories, and his love of writing, he became an English teacher. For him, a good writer is not just about writing, but also about teaching.

Mr. Smith likes students to peer edit each other’s work, and also wants them to help him in his writing. This method motivates him as a teacher because it makes him feel more involved in the subject with students.

One of his influences is Jack Armstrong who was his high school English teacher and debate coach. Armstrong influenced him to teach English. In college Mr. Smith took poetry and writing classes, where the poetry teacher was also an influence for him. So far Mr. Smith has taught English for 10 years.

The first two years as a teacher were his most unforgettable moments. During that time, he taught in a very remote Eskimo region in Alaska and he was fascinated by the culture there.

Mr. Smith and Ms. Kohlmeier are avid readers. They enjoy outdoor activities such as hiking in nature and swimming, and that is why Laguna de Apoyo is one of their favorite places to go to in Nicaragua.

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