Carmencita Rosales: The Senior Experience


Carmencita Rosales

Carmencita Rosales is an 18-year-old ANS senior. We decided to find out more about her senior experience and share it with you.

  Some may think that the senior, junior, sophomore, and freshmen years are all relatively the same, yet Carmencita enlightens us with her years of practical experience. She tells us that, “it’s so many new responsibilities,” and she as a senior she feels the importance of being, “the role model for the whole high school. You’re the biggest kid!” Her  priorities have changed greatly, and she states that she has been spending time thinking about what to study, where to go, and when to apply.

  As a senior, Carmencita feels “nervous, but good at the same time. It’s a phase where I think ‘this is it, all those years of hard work have led up to this moment, and now it’s time when everyone goes their separate ways.'”

  She loves her classmates, the Class of 2016, and affirms to not hate a thing about it. Looking back on her previous years of high     school and forward onto her future years in college, she will mostly miss her friends.

   Regarding the pressure of applying to colleges, she reveals that the application process is stressful. Her advice to the lower-           classmen is to start their applications as soon as possible.

  In thinking about her future after the American Nicaraguan School, she says, “It’s crazy! I don’t know what to expect.” She knows that college will be a whole different environment for her. She’s aware that it will be a radical academic change, and she agrees that most aspects of her social life will change too.

  Carmencita is looking forward to college and is certain that it will not only prepare her for her professional career, it will also prepare her for other aspects of her adult life. She knows she will develop independence, time management, and responsibility.

We wish Carmencita luck in her future!

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