The Scale For Success


imagesThis new school year has brought many positive changes, such as, the new schedules that permit students to engage in more extracurricular activities. Also, the new environmental perspective that the school has started by reducing the carbon footprint of the school, an example would be the elimination of the use of paper cups. One change that the school has made, that in my opinion will not create the benefit it intended was the elimination of the “bump” of the GPA for students taking advanced or more challenging courses. The elimination of the famous “bump” was eliminated for two reasons, the school believed that students were only taking the course for the extra increase in averages and universities require both the weighted and unweighted gpa.
The negative consequences that this has produced has been, the lost of incentive for the students who wish to excel in at their courses and challenge themselves. Students who decided to challenge themselves in more rigorous courses are not given enough merit for their hardwork and dedication. The argument that the school directive has stated about universities is weak, since most universities have the choice whether to accept the weighted scores of a student, and higher level universities to value the advanced courses an individual takes.
Personally, I have not decided to drop any of my challenging classes, but I could see why others would. I believe that the school could have warned the students about the challenges that taking these courses presents and inform them that universities have the legal right to view both weighted and unweighted gpas, taking in regard the class a student decided to take. The school has to take in mind if this decision will provide the real scale for success for the majority of students that want to be recognized for their hard efforts and sacrifice; such as myself.

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