Who is Lisa Lippay?

A woman, a wife, image1a mother, a teacher and now she challenges herself to become a journalist. With her leadership, seventeen young and ambitious students are looking forward to publish American Nicaraguan School’s first high school newspaper.

Lisa Lippay is a 9th grade English teacher in the ANS community and this is her sixth year. This year is different from the past years because she started a new class called “Journalism and Global Communication”.

Ms. Lippay says that being an advisor to the journalism class is a challenge for her because she has never experienced writing an article for a newspaper. But her strong interest encouraged her to step up and become the first one in class to work out on an article.

Recently, Ms. Lippay interviewed Janet Foerester, the founder of ICW. Ms. Lippay has been interviewed for newspapers, televisions, and radios before, but she has never interviewed another person herself. This proves to be a new experience for her as it is something she has never done before.

“The first day we met in class, the students took it and ran with it!” She was excited when asked about her class. Students are working hard, writing features and editorials. Ms. Lippay is proud of her students or journalists, who created their newspaper’s name and logo on the first day.

Her expectations for the journalism class is of course, creating a high school newspaper. She wishes the newspaper to be something valuable for the ANS community and to provide a voice in school that is more student-driven.

When asked about her dreams in life, as a mother of two, Ms. Lippay first thought of her own children. Just like any other parent, she hopes her children will go to a good college and that they will have a happy life.

When asked about her personal dream, Ms. Lippay responded by saying that it was a “good and difficult question”. She loves writing and wants to write a novel someday. She has never stepped up to that level but she hopes to at least try to start something.

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