The Miss Teen Experience 2015

    Miss Teen Nicaragua is an event created by the organization with the same name. It began in July  2011 in order to highlight teenage beauty among our country. The contest consists of various events. Its objective is to teach young girls to become beauty queens who are trained for interviews, dance, makeup, hairstyles, public speaking and other activities. Not only does it focus on exterior beauty but it also pivots around a girl’s inner allure, which is intelligence, cultural knowledge, and pride for their country.  The contest promotes positive values and brings awareness to world problems such as the environment.

María Valeria Delgadillo was one of the contestants this year, earning the place of 1st runner up. We interviewed her in what her experience was like and some of the good values that she learned.

How was the Miss Teen Nicaragua 2015 experience?

-It is definitely one of the best experiences I’ve had. Throughout the contest I learned to be responsible, to always be on time, and make decisions by myself. There were many activities throughout the week, and for me at the beginning it was difficult to simultaneously manage my time with school and the competition. To cope with such, I tried to organize everything better and be more responsible with school and my outside activities.

Why did you decide to enter the competition?

I decided to enter Miss Teen because I saw it as an opportunity to do what I really love and also grow as a person in different aspects of my life. I got the chance to meet very important people here in Nicaragua such as Piero Coen, Vivian Vanessa Pellas, Mercedes Zalaya, among others. One famous guest was Ismael Cala, a lecturer and CNN presenter.  He  gave a conference with Piero Coen and Jaffa Coen about business entrepreneurship. I learned about their experience and how they reached such prestigious roles in the world of business.

What was the audition like?

-It was where it all began!! The audition took place at the Holiday Inn Hotel where there were other 200 teenage girls with the same dream as me: to become Miss Teen Nicaragua 2015. This year we all had the amazing opportunity to show our talents to the judges, either dancing, singing or reciting a poem.  It was amazing how every girl was able to express themselves in front of the judges as well. At the end, when the audition concluded, the judges told us that the next day only 16 of us would receive a call  and would have the chance to become Miss Teen Nicaragua 2015.

Did you have learning workshops? What values were you taught?

Yes I did, a lot of them. They were intense workshops where they taught us to be ready for different important events.  We received highly recommended oratory classes to improve our public speaking skills. We also received runway classes for 4 hours during the weekends. These workshops were difficult but at the end they were worth it. We were required to attend some special talks that were key elements throughout the contest.

     From what Maria Valeria said it’s not easy to become part of this contest. In order to enter this contest you need to meet certain qualities such as external and internal beauty. Not only does it intend to showcase charm but also teaches and promotes values to future generations. With these values the contestants can promote and model how to be better citizens of Nicaragua. It is important to love your country and your people.

Cindy Gutierrez and Maria Valeria Delgadillo

Cindy Gutierrez and Maria Valeria Delgadillo

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