A Weekend at “Weekend Granada”


Everyone loves a good party, and that was what was ahead of us during our weekend in Granada. We were heading to see Sander van Doorn at Weekend Beach Club. On the day of the event we thought of getting to Granada early so we could hang out with some friends. We told a bunch of people and we all agreed to go to Lake NIcaragua  and  enjoy its beautiful wonders.  We went ahead of everyone else so we could have some time to chill. We played some music to get us ready for what was coming later in the night.

When the others arrived, there were too many of us, but we had a great time at the lake. We swam, danced, and laughed. We did this until it got dark.

By seven we were so tired that some of our friends didn’t make it to the concert. We were heading to see Sander van Doorn who wouldn’t come on until midnight, so we still had about five hours before the concert. We decided to go downtown to get something to eat at a place called “El Zaguan”. Most people got steak and fries. Someone asked for vigoron, but they were out.

After eating, some people decided that it was “mucho bacanal” and left Granada. Only the ones who really wanted to see Sander van Doorn stayed, and we headed to Weekend Beach Club at about 10:00 PM.

Pretty soon the place was jammed with people. When we got there, a local Dj was playing and he did an okay job. He played a lot of deep house, but it wasn’t the right time for that kind of music, so people were sitting, talking and drinking and eventually we got annoyed by the constant deep house music.

When the Dj finished his set some other local took over. This time we were more in a party mood as he played a lot of EDM to set the ground for Sander. His set was relatively short and we were all glad because of that.

When van Doorn was about to come out, all the lights went dark. We began to hear a subtle beat, and then the beat turned into a rise, and just as the beat dropped Sander came out. He played his classic Big Room House. Throughout the night he played his most famous tracks and even some from other Djs like Martin Garrix. People in the club were euphoric. There were empty beer cans flying around with people jumping and pouring whatever they had in their hands onto someone else. We tried to get as close as possible, but we couldn’t get further than five meters from the stage. It was a totally new experience because we have never been to a concert in Granada. van Dorn closed his set at about two in the morning with one of his most famous songs “Gold Skies”.

After he played we left we were soooo tired and we couldn’t continue, but at least the night finished on a good note.


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