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Innovation & Technology

The Innovation and Technology Team promotes the use of innovative technological approaches to develop richer and meaningful teaching and learning environments that benefit and help students succeed now and in their future careers & jobs. 

We use technology in new ways to create more efficiency and add more value in teaching and learning, always introducing new high-tech products, and allowing students from sixth to twelfth grade to bring their own devices as a tool in classrooms. 

Main Objectives

Create learning environments where integrating 21st century skills and ever-evolving technologies results in high levels of student engagement in classes.

Give students the chance to exercise critical thinking, collaborate with others, and make wise decisions in a learning environment that enhances their capacity for original and creative thinking.

With the help of technology, assisting teachers in creating more engaging lessons.

Technological Innovation
introduced in classrooms

SmartTVs with Aireplay Connectivity

Because we are aware that certain students struggle with learning and require a visual aid, we have placed Smart TVs with Airplay connectivity in every classroom, from kindergarten through high school. All of the teachers have been given MacBooks with AirPlay Connectivity so they can project their lessons.

Tiger Tech Lab for Primary School Reasearch

We have a lab that is especially made for primary students who want to research a variety of subjects related to their studies. Information can be found online more readily

iPads in Primary School (4-5th grades)

Using iPads in class is a fun and convenient method to access the internet. They are readily available, and students can use them together. For this reason, every class from fourth through fifth grade has a series of iPads for the students.

Set of Class AR/VR Goggles

The stand-alone VR headset from ClassVR has a special user interface for students, instructional VR & AR resources built in, and easy-to-use teacher controls. 

Virtual reality, according to evidence, has the tools to assist you push the limits of your instruction and aid students in achieving their learning objectives. ClassVR is a fantastic tool for using VR in the classroom to engage students and improve existing teaching.

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Dash and Dot

Two robots called Dash and Dot were developed to encourage students to pick up coding again.

With the help of Dash’s performance and numerous sensors, children can observe their virtual coding translate into concrete learning experiences in real time. 

Dash can interact with and react to its surroundings. They are used in third through fifth grade classrooms and flex days middle school.

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Sphero Indi Cars

Sphero Indie Cars are robots designed for younger children from pathways all the way to third grade. Young learners can give Indie directions by placing color tiles on the floor that tell it what to do and where to go (and how quickly!), using the color sensor that is built into Indie.

For children who want to learn more about coding, as well as about colors and forms, they are fantastic.

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Recording Studio

It’s a place or area specifically created so that students can record digitally for podcasts, class projects, songs, Tiger News, and other purposes.

It contains: 

  • Sound absorbing material lines the space.
  • Backgrounds are painted in chromatic blue so it can be removed using specialized video editing software (Adobe Premiere Pro and Final Cut). 
  • Studio lighting is adjusted based on the environment or recording requirements/It is possible to regulate ambient light.

World Robot Olympiad (WRO) ANS Teams - CONNECTING THE WORLD 2023

The WRO® theme for 2023 is Connecting the World. In 2023, teams will learn about shipping logistics and the infrastructure of our digital technology. They will investigate how robots can help make shipping and digital technology infrastructure safer, more sustainable, and more efficient.

  • LEGO® Education SPIKE™ Prime will empower teachers and students to take on the world of STEAM competitions
  • The LEGO® Education SPIKETM Prime lesson plans are created to assist students in acquiring the critical and abstract reasoning abilities required to address challenging situations. 
  • The standards-aligned classes give kids a variety of learning opportunities that are directly related to their observations and questions from everyday life, boosting their self-esteem and preparing them for life after school.
  • Students from 6th to 12th grades can program Spike Prime. 
  • Students utilize the Spike Prime to code in a competition that takes place every year. If their team wins nationally, they move on to international competitions.

Click here to learn more about World Robot Olympiad (WRO)

Google Certification for Teachers

For teachers, Google certification is sponsored by the school. 

It helps teachers: 

  • Make a name for themselves as an educator and get recognition for the work they do.
  • Enhance their  professional growth and demonstrate their mastery of Google technologies for the classroom.
  • Utilize technology to increase their productivity and interaction with students.

There will be an exam at the conclusion of the lesson. The teacher will be able to receive the certification (badge) if they pass the test. 

The Google Certification is valid for three years. After three years, they will have to take the lessons and the tests again. 

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Educational Technology Program

The Educational Technology Program at ANS is based on online applications and digital resources and platforms. ANS requires students from grades 6th – 12th to bring laptops or other portable devices as an important part in their educational development. When purchasing a new laptop, we recommend you purchase internationally known brands (Lenovo, Dell, Hp, Apple Mac). It is important for laptops to be carried in a laptop bag or backpack in order to protect it during the day at school. It is advised to purchase an extended warranty in case there is any damage to the laptop. Our IT Support Team will assist students with any troubleshooting as long as it does not require any replacements or manipulating the device in any way that might void the manufacturer warranty. Our IT  Support Team might be able to perform operating system updates or reinstalls on student devices with prior written authorization from a parent/guardian. Microsoft Windows or Mac-based laptop computers are the most recommended.

Device Recommendation

What device should your child bring to school?

Innovation & Technology Team

Rosselyn Porras

Director of Innovation & Technology

Wilmer Rivas

IT Infrastructure

Walter Cajina

IT Cybersecurity Officer

Miguel Meléndez

Systems Administrator

Brandon García

Audio and Primary School
Technical Support

Yesser Rodríguez

Secondary School
Technical Support

Justo Molina


Neydi Rodríguez

Ed-Tech Coach

Xavier Rivas

Digital Media Support

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